Investing in our network is a key factor to our 21 years of success.

Our suppliers not only recognise IADA as a major player in the UK MRO industry, but work alongside our people to understand each other's unique needs. This helps us all to grow our businesses.

A unique point of IADA is our IADA Academy. Regular events are held throughout the year bringing our suppliers face to face with our network of directors and sales teams, offering new product demonstrations, innovative marketing, sales techniques and technical advice, support and training. Our network of people are gaining a greater understanding of our key suppliers and their products then being able to offer their end users the same service and knowledge with confidence.

Our continuous investment in our people is what makes IADA and its members the best!

53 uk wide service centres 

over 500 leading brands

OVER £25M of locally held stock

service that never stops

knowledge & expertise

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